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DEAR CHRISTINE: He likes me, not loves me


DEAR CHRISTINE: He likes me, not loves me

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I like it when a person is honest with me but I am unhappy and uncertain at the moment over someone I care for very much and who I thought really cared for me as much as I cared for him.

He says he cares and that he likes me. He never says he loves me.

Yet he comes and makes love with me from time to time. Sometimes I see him as many as three times a week and then I don’t see him for weeks but I know he likes me and he’s the right man for me. He is an honest and good man. Please tell me what you think.


Dear V.P:

I think you are hoping that in time this man will come to love you. In the meantime, you are satisfied to go on being his convenience. You are taking a lot of risks. The weeks he is not with you, he’s probably with someone else.

I don’t think he is the nice man you think he is. If he were he wouldn’t treat you the way he treats you. He has told you he cannot return the feelings you have for him so try and stop being a doormat.

Don’t let him find you waiting around for him whenever he feels like calling. Free yourself to find a decent man who will treat you right and make you happy.