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Defaulters, pay up what you owe Government


Defaulters, pay up what you owe Government

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IT IS MOST DISTRESSING to read that some of those defaulters who benefited with loans from certain Government agencies then, now have not paid back the monies borrowed up to this time and seem not to want to pay back either.

This attitude stinks and it is most reprehensible. It seems especially true that those individuals who were successful in gaining loans from certain Government agencies and then landed high-paying jobs just would not repay what they had promised to repay. That can’t be good.

That the Government is now owed millions of dollars by these irresponsible “anti-pay–back shirkers” should cause right-thinking Barbadians to wallow in disbelief.

I am appealing to those successful workers and entrepreneurs to pay back now what you borrowed then. I don’t understand why some people treat Government agencies like that. They seem to think that the Government has some “money tree” in some part of the island and they pick money off (willy-nilly).

I do not understand, as well, why some people would owe the Government millions of dollars and then would use some of the same millions that they owe the same Government to take care of their personal and not-so-personal needs. That can’t be right.

Are some of these same people who would not repay and then would talk about devaluation, the various downgrades that Barbados receives, the possibility of having, maybe, to enter an agreement with the IMF and the like? Just pay up, peoples!

I believe that some of you who owe the Government and won’t pay are guilty of causing university fees to be the way there are. I believe as well, that those individuals who can pay up and won’t pay, are making it more difficult for persons intending to pursue similar courses of study to secure loans on similar pretexts.

You have a responsibility for where they are at, because you just didn’t or wouldn’t pay back what you owed. That can’t be right. It has to do with your love of money, if not your money, somebody else’s money.

I can now see why the latter part of Ecclesiastes 10:19 says that “money answereth all things”. Would it respond to the fact that some people who owe the Government just won’t pay or wouldn’t make any arrangements to pay. They just expect the Government to write off what money owed as bad debt. How much of that can one do?

I just don’t know what to make of the first part of 1 Timothy 6:10 where we are told: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Could that be true of those persons who know they owe the Government and just would not repay. They are guilty of financial impropriety. I don’t think that to highlight the defaulters would help much. Using that approach might cause just a few of those detractors to pay up for the “blush” has gone from this country and from the lives of some individuals. I am just making an appeal to those who owe. Please pay up!