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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Early exit not tempting


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Early exit not tempting

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A WELL KNOWN WOMAN has reportedly turned down the generous concession of taking early retirement and going home with just over a year’s salary.

Instead, Cou Cou was told this woman intends to fight the matter that precipitated the meeting at which the offer was made.

If our information is dead-on as usual, a certain statutory corporation will soon resemble a war zone between a loyal passport-carrying Dem and other Dems supporters who think this woman is power- hungry and is too eager to throw her considerable weight around.

It was discovered that this woman has been working for some time without a job description. That came to light after one of the star boys at the entity wrote a letter of resignation because he said he could no longer work with her. Within days, another star boy did the same thing.

The new general manager eventually referred it to the board. Trying to play to the woman’s strengths, the board told her to produce research-oriented documents. These are needed and a unit would have to be created to assist her. In other words, she would have her own principality to rule.

However, she rejected this. Another meeting was convened this week and the buxom ethnocentric woman turned up with her attorney, who is himself embroiled in a major national issue. After a lengthy, reportedly hot-tempered meeting, the offer was made.

Cou Cou understands the woman plans to appeal to the silent one as she hopes his archaic ideas will fit in well with her concerns.

Whether normal service will resume at the entity after that is anybody’s guess.


And on Sunday, the man most favoured as the DLP’s next leader, Chris Sinckler, confirmed this when he said the poll will be about protecting “the moral heart of this country”.

The strategy is consistent with how the Dems won in 2008 and 2013 – they framed their arguments around peoples’ innate fears and prejudices.

In 2008 they focused on the Guyanese invasion, the acerbic tongue of Owen Arthur, an arrogant administration whose cronies were living big, and blunted their lack of noted economic expertise with the mantra, “Barbados is more than an economy, it is a society”.

In 2013, Arthur gifted them the election by how he took over from Mia Mottley, and by talking privatisation. He offended Bajans’ feeling of fair play and scared them about their future.

In 2018, Arthur will again be a factor as he still has to reveal why Mottley is not good enough to lead. That, along with the rumours about lifestyle and a few inducements, may be enough to secure victory again.

The hostile indignation several leading Dems spewed in response to proposed gender-neutral legislation by swinging the topic onto same-sex marriage and suggesting this was what the Bees wanted, was an indication of this strategy. Another is the closeness of religious figures to their inner circle. So voters can expect salacious rumours about gay liaisons and pseudo-religious rhetoric with little focus on governance and other core issues affecting the country.

Remember, Cou Cou told you first.