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Indentured servitude is not an option


Indentured servitude is not an option

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WELL, THE POLITICAL LINE MARKS are being driven into the land and people who will make the determination as to who will or will not form the management of our country, are watching and listening to those who hope that they may inherit a section of the land.

The current Government has already started its campaign, having determined over a year ago that existing circumstances gives them a chance to ride on the wave, using the tide as a marketing tool to take them safely to their destination.

The Opposition, on the other hand, is methodically putting its team together, made up of youth and tried and tested experience. The key to this battle lies in the Opposition’s ability to unite these aspects of its team into a cohesive functioning unit.

I have not seen any indication that the current Government is in control of the myriad of serious problems which challenge the very existence of Barbados. It seems to be stumbling from one possible crisis to the other, without seriously seeking, suggesting or even asking for possible solutions.

This approach is frightening. 

People are hurting and no one seems to have or cares to seek out methods to ensure that health issues are dealt with. Water problems are not addressed and waning education policies that pose problems from primary to tertiary level are not brought up to required standards that will bring the country to the level we once occupied with pride.

On the other hand, the Opposition must recognise the challenge facing them and the fact that the political marketers have already set out Government’s re-election campaign. 

The new battleground will be peopled with new, culturally different entities, financially comfortable individuals who are picking their own teams and battles to be used in the recreation of their new Barbados.

We Barbadians need to know more now than ever that this is no time for byplay or foreplay. Now is the time for taking up the challenge and fighting to regain lost ground and placing it back in the hands of the masses.

You need to do this for the future of our children’s children. We do not want them to experience a non-independent Barbados moaning at what we have lost and saying of us, “they coulda, woulda, shoulda”. 

Indentured servitude is not an option.