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DEAR CHRISTINE: I love her but she treats me badly


DEAR CHRISTINE: I love her but she treats me badly

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I need your help. I am in love with a woman but she does not treat me well. She’s fooling me and still telling me she likes me.

Christine, I give her money every week. I’ve taught her to drive. Whatever she wants, she gets. I even get up on mornings and cook food and send it to her at work. Sometimes I get to work late but my boss and all the others at work like me and so they excuse me.

She lives at herself and I can’t go to her, but she can come at me. As soon as she comes, she is ready to leave. We are not intimately involved. All she says is “not yet”. She has a man who goes at her and when I asked her about it, she said “nothing is in that”.

Christine, I want to forget her. Can you give me your opinion and advice?

– H.F.

Dear H.F.,

I would not believe that there is nothing in that other man visiting her home, and I also believe you are doing the right thing to get her out of your mind. I don’t see why you should go on providing for her – even to the point of risking losing your job for someone who has no interest in you.

Of course, she has a right to choose who she will give herself to, but knowing the way she feels about you, she should not take money from you.

Stop trying to buy this woman’s love and find someone else who will treat you a whole lot better.