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Graham leaving FSC


Graham leaving FSC

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CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), Randy Graham, is moving on.

Graham, who was first recruited by FSC in 2012 to the position of director of insurance and pensions, was later appointed to the leadership post of CEO in June 2014.

In expressing gratitude to staff whom he said had bought into the strategic vision of the organisation, Graham noted that during his tenure, they were pivotal in FSC’s development.

“Together we were able to develop and apply cutting edge regulatory assessment models that in our relatively short existence, have helped us to earn the respect of our fellow regulatory bodies, locally and internationally,” he said.

During FSC’s annual lecture held in April this year as part of its fifth anniversary celebrations, Graham was credited by chairman, Sir Frank Alleyne, with moving “expeditiously to create an organisational structure in FSC that has its foundation in excellent corporate governance and succession planning at all levels”. 

Graham’s resignation takes effect from January 1, 2017, when he will be moving on to other personal and professional pursuits.

“When I was appointed CEO of FSC, the team, with invaluable guidance from the Board of Commissioners, had already made several achievements as a new regulatory agency. We worked diligently to institutionalise our focus on financial stability, ensuring consistency to quality output, and communicating effectively with registrants; the staff was absolutely brilliant during this transformation.

“I remain confident, as I was back then, in their ability to build on existing strengths, having articulated a strategic vision to ensure a robust regulatory environment is maintained in the non-bank financial sector,” Graham said. (PR)