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Lenswoman sets free dive record


Lenswoman sets free dive record

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JOHANNA LOCH-ALLEN has set a new national free-diving record at the Blue Element Free-diving International Challenge in Soufriere, Dominica.

Loch-Allen, a Barbadian underwater photographer and videographer based in Australia, represented Barbados in the competition, which runs until November 11.

Representing Barbados for the first time at an AIDA International free-diving competition, Loch-Allen handily finished a clean free immersion dive to 45 metres in one minute and 48 seconds to garner her and her country their first national record.

“I’ve never done this before. I wasn’t sure what the bottom plate would look like at depth, so initially I descended a bit past it, but then I was able to grab a tag and make my return ascent,” she said. “My dive was overall very chill. I am extremely proud to be the first Bajan to take home a national title.”

Free-diving, or skin diving, is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers’ ability to hold their breath until resurfacing, rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. (PR)