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Deacon, 12, gives his best to God


Deacon, 12, gives his best to God

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AT JUST 12 YEARS OLD, Jaidan Best could be expected to be out playing football or cricket with friends or even spending hours on end playing video games or surfing the Internet.

But not Jaidan.

Instead, this youngster spends his days in church. Five days a week to be exact. It may be hard to wrap your mind around it but young Jaidan has been an ordained deacon since September 23.

The process began when he and his family worshipped at the Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries International. Back in 2012 the church was located at the Girls’ Industrial Union in Pine Road, St Michael.

Jaidan was barely eight years old when he was taken under the wings of church leader, Apostle Robert Herbert.

In an interview at his Britton’s Hill, St Michael home, Jaidan recounted how he would stay after service to help pack the chairs, clean and assist in whatever way the church needed him to.

He enjoyed that tremendously, his mother Ann attested.

Jaidan then continued to volunteer his time until one day he was a little surprised by a prophecy.

Herbert normally prayed for church members and on that day, he said he received a message from God about the direction in which Jaidan’s life was headed.

“Herbert prophesied that God told him to put [Jaidan] in the capacity of a deacon,” his mother said.

Up to this day Ann still isn’t sure what Herbert or the Lord saw in her son but she maintained it wasn’t her role to question the Lord’s work?

From this point Jaidan was welcoming of Herbert’s prophecy and he became busier in the ministry and was promoted to armour bearer.

A student of St George Secondary School, he started to train for his aspiring role in earnest from early 2015. By this time the church was housed at its present location at Lot 3 Britton’s X Road, St Michael. His training consisted of classes that taught the role of a deacon, what is expected and so on.

“The training has been good and helps me to understand my role, my responsibilities and my calling to serve,” Jaidan said as he maintained that he understood the huge responsibility.

“I don’t know about others but I  take it on very well. Once you trust in God, you can get it done,” he said.

Young Jaiden Best is answering the call and speaks boldly about his commitment to God. 










Jaidan is a very timid boy but this inhibition is dashed away when he begins to speak about his commitment to the Lord’s work.

“I don’t have many friends so sacrificing the things of the world does not bother me. I don’t even see it as being a sacrifice. After this season, some other season [has] to come so I know once I give God, I can’t come last. So I just give God my all,” he said.

Ann, who was seated nearby during the interview with a look of pride etched on her face, interjected by adding that Jaidan is very disciplined and committed to his goal.

“I never had a problem with Jaidan going to church; he was always ready even sometimes when we get church Jaidan would start ministering and doing whatever he had to before the actual service starts. He is also a cadet so maybe that is where he gets his discipline from,” she said, laughing.

“It is tough a responsibility but he is accustomed. He is very serious of this and it just makes you look into yourself more and see what God has done for you. This was nothing that was forced upon him. He had time that if he wanted to change his mind he could, because we were training for a while. He was always ready to go further,” she said.

While Jaidan believes one does not necessarily have to be involved in church to serve God, he is convinced that if He calls you in that capacity “You got to go”.

“Remember God is always there no matter what choice you make, or what wrong things you have done. He is always there for you. God is not a god to judge but I believe if you don’t give God [anything] he won’t give you anything back.

“So I believe when I give God something . . . God will say ‘My son always there ready to serve me do something for me’. I can give Him and will continue to give my life over to Him no matter what. He protects me, He covers me,” Jaidan added. (SDB Media)