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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t afford baby No. 2 for cheater


DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t afford baby No. 2 for cheater

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I met a guy early last year who told me that he and his girlfriend were on the verge of breaking up. Later I got to find out that this was not so.

Anyhow, in the interim I became pregnant and he asked me to have the pregnancy terminated. I told him no and then he said he’ll have to call off the relationship between us. I said okay and off he went.

After the baby was born he came back asking me if we could go back to our old relationship. I told him for us to do so he’d have to finish with the girl he has and he said he’d do that but that I would have to give him more time.

The real problem now is he rented a house and furnished it about two months ago. A young woman sleeps there some times. I told him I was not in agreement and he begged me for some more time and he’ll find a way to end that relationship.

Time passed and he still has not asked her to leave.

I could not take it any longer and so I called off the relationship because I also heard that every time the girl asked him what was going on between the two of us, he referred to us as just friends.

Now I’ve found out that I am pregnant again and my baby is only months old. I need your advice because neither of us can afford another child right now.


Dear D:

I feel anyone who does not want children but want to get intimately involved should take the necessary precaution.

I’m sorry but I won’t be the one to tell you get an abortion if that’s what you’re hoping for. I can only suggest you offer the child up for adoption when he or she comes.

You can talk to the Child Care Board officers about it now as they will need time to process the adoption. They will try to place the child with loving and responsible people. I really think that you should be taking better care of yourself.

Surely there is enough evidence that this man is not serious in his promises. He’s happy having all the girls like you who live on pie-crust promises. I know that one is not always wise on loving but I do think as I’ve said before, some precaution should be taken to avoid bringing children in to a situation that is far from being the best for them.


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