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We await Trump’s changes for America


We await Trump’s changes for America

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IT IS NOW a few days since Donald Trump’s presidential victory, and the pundits are predicting what can, will, should and should not happen in America and around the world.

Democracy across the global village says that the majority and not the minority determine what actually happens.

If Americans who voted for the first black president want a president of a different philosophy, so let it be.

Interested observers should take a look at what former Republican congressman and Senator Rand Paul said in a publication of Anti-Media:  “Vote all you want, the secret government won’t change”.

In the same publication, Rand Paul also called Donald Trump authoritarian, and said he wished Hillary Clinton could have run as a Republican.

Americans entitled to vote spoke, as well as those did not vote and have to live with the government elected.

The next four years will tell what is better or worse.