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DEAR CHRISTINE: Not sure if he’s loyal to me


DEAR CHRISTINE: Not sure if he’s loyal to me

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Dear Christine,

I HOPE YOU are well. I admire the work you do and may God bless you for it.

I have a problem and it is this: for two years I have been in love with a man who told me he had no girlfriend and that he lives alone. Still, I cannot go to his home and he always wants to come to mine.

One night we went to a dance near where he is living. He was very sleepy, but would you believe this man drove from St Philip to St Michael when he could have stopped home? I found it very strange.

He claims he loves me very much and is jealous over me, so much so that I am not allowed to go anywhere unless he is there. He gambles a lot. If I ask him for money, he takes very long to get it to me.

Christine, I am glad I am working for myself and my two children. He is always promising them things and never keeps his promises. I was told by a girl who lives close to him that the mother of his child is pregnant again.

I asked him about it and he told me when I find out for sure to let him know. Christine, I am planning so much to leave him. One morning I called at his home and his child’s mother was quarrelling with him.

I said to him: “You have in friends very early,” and he said it was his child’s mother and that she had come for him to take them both to the doctor.

I then asked him if she slept there or whether she comes to the house early on mornings. He told me that it is his child. 

Christine, I am a very jealous person and don’t like running around. Please tell me what to do.

– G.P.


Dear G.P.,

If you don’t like running around or people who run around, then you should do something about it.

His child’s mother has a claim on him and it should be expected that he will be with her time after time, if not altogether.

Few men, especially in these non-married unions, are prepared to stick to one woman and that’s the risk you take when you get involved with one of them.

If you were the mother of his children, you would expect him to keep in touch. 

I hope you are not taking this as a suggestion that you get children from him. Too often children are the pawns in a losing game. Recognise the situation for what it is worth and if it is worthless, then find the courage to call it quits.