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More than 100% Bajan


More than 100% Bajan

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AIDAN TAYLOR’S national pride has reached another level.

His patriotism has gone past wearing yellow and blue T-shirts and attaching the national flag to his car, to beautifying his house with flags and yellow and blue decorations.

Although the nation’s 50th anniversary is only 12 days away, Taylor’s counting down commenced 13 months ago.

“I was celebrating heavily since October last year,” he said. “I got inspired to do so since David Thompson passed away. I am very patriotic, more than a 100 per cent and since last year I have been wearing the national colours every day too.

“I’m a security officer so I have a uniform to wear but when I leave home I dress in yellow and blue and I would change when I get work.”

Pride at home: Aidan Taylor’s residence.










Taylor is supported by his wife and family as they helped him to decorate his home. “My wife does not get annoyed with me; she understands what type of person I am. She knew I was counting down the 50th before the 49th celebration so she is accustomed to it.”

First Independence celebration

The-58 year-old also reminisced on the first Independence celebration in1966.

“We were given special Independence shirts and at school the teachers and students decorated the classes; the excitement was electrifying at the Holy Innocence Mixed School.

“I went down to the Garrison with some guys in my district and although I did not understand what Independence meant like how I do now, I still had an idea. We used to have a big picture of the Queen in our school hall and we had to sing God Save The Queen every morning at prayers and I remember looking up at her. So I knew it was something special because her picture came down and I didn’t have to sing that song anymore.”

The senior security officer enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, especially four-year-old Caleb Taylor. Aidan said he likes to teach him about the history of his family, country and community. He added that he taught Caleb how to march and salute like a solider at the Independence Parade which the child enjoys.

Although Aidan said Barbados has come a long way in terms of education, employment rights and housing conditions, he said the bond people had with each other is waning.

He said, “We are losing our community spirit. Before it literally took a village to raise a child but that doesn’t happen anymore; technology came and took that away. I also find that if someone gets a fancy job in the community they start to look down on people they grew up with, who may not be as successful as they are.

“I hope in the future we can reconnect the ties we once had with one another.” (SB)