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Author releases vegetarian cookbook

ERIC SMITH, [email protected]

Author releases vegetarian cookbook

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IN OUR 50th year of independence, Kelly Henry, Barbados’ newest author, has released a vegetarian cookbook entitled Fine Dining: Caribbean Vegetarian Dishes.

 This book is for gourmet chefs or average home cooks, and takes its readers on a culinary adventure visiting several areas in the Caribbean.

It invites readers to discover the secrets behind making simple homemade appetizers to exotic gourmet desserts from fruits and vegetables, as it convincingly dispels the myth that vegetarian food is boring.

The recipes are precise and easy to follow and on average, preparation time ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

As an added bonus, the author reveals the different uses of our Caribbean foods such as highlighting the medicinal value of the aloe vera plant which can be used to support the natural healing of damaged skin, among other things.

Delicious recipes, simple techniques, and stunning full colour photographs give readers the opportunity to have a ‘fine dining’ experience using vegetarian dishes. LMH Publishing,out of Jamaica, has published thisbook in e-book (now available and print format, which will be in local bookstores next month. (PR/ES)