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Every face is a canvas


Every face is a canvas

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Kimberly Proverbs is an artist, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of a canvas or paper, the face painter uses sponges and brushes to create her designs.

Although she knew nothing about face painting, she drew on her creativity and plunged into painting at the request of her daughter, who wanted her face done after seeing other children at parties and fairs.

Proverbs told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY that she tried it, fell in love with it and at the urging of family and friends, started Creatif Faces five years ago.

“From there, my love for make-up just grew. The first one I did was a princess design with a lot of teardrops. I never painted anyone’s face before and after my cousins saw me painting her face, they wanted it done too. I tried to recreate designs I saw. I had a natural knack for it… and eventually I got better and better,” she said.

“A friend saw me painting and asked if I worked at a fair. I said I would try it, and it took off from there. Then I got into actual beauty make-up and lashes.”

The businesswoman said there were “tips and tricks” to applying the designs on the restless youngsters’ faces, and while she did not divulge any, she admitted practising “a lot” to hone her craft. Poverbs even allows her “models” to move around, so she would know how to handle young clients.

“Initially, my daughter, nieces, nephews and cousins were my canvases. Then I used myself and a mannequin. The most popular design among the boys is still Spider-Man; for the girls it’s a butterfly.

“Some would ask for a princess or Elsa [from Frozen], which was really popular. It takes under three minutes to paint a Spider-Man depending on how many clients are waiting,  but I can move to suit,” Proverbs explained.

“For birthday parties, clients usually book for a specific time so I would do as many kids as I can.

“I paint faces on two-year-olds and older. It is water-based make-up and I prefer the brand that dries quickly. I import my supplies because of the quality.

“I experimented with different brands of creams and water-based paint. The cream-based paints work well in this tropic heat, but the children sweat it off really fast. Otherwise, they can wear it home and washed off easily with soap and water.”

Before applyng the paint, Proverbs checks with parents about the children’s skin type or allergy issues. She believes in good hygienic practices and changes the applicator sponge for each child. She changes the water often as well.

“I am kind of a perfectionist; it is my work they are going out with, so I want it to look neat and clean. I did a lot of research because I wanted to have a very professional approach. I’m about professionalism and good customer service, and that’s what I bring to each party for all my clients,” she said.

The businesswoman said she’s  busy year-round, so she easily could make a living from face-painting. 

“I still practice with my board. It’s all about technique and as an artist, you have to develop your own technique,” she added.

If Proverbs gets her wish, she would be getting more involved in moulding and sculpting makeup, and she is willing to travel to study this art. (GBM)