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Packaged banana leaves being sold


Packaged banana leaves being sold

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TRADITIONALLY, Barbadians have depended on the generosity of neighbours, relatives and friends for leaves of the banana plant to wrap conkies, the November delicacy traditionally associated with Independence.

These days, however, some people are turning to the supermarket shelves for packets of the prized leaf in which the cornmeal dumpling is steamed, and at least one supermarket is obliging.

Small neatly wrapped packets of banana leaves were snapped up from the shelves of Massy Supermarkets.

Hamilton Rock, who described himself as an agriculturist, said the idea of preparing the leaves for sale was “original and different”.

“When I was growing up you had to strip the leaves from off of the plant,” he said.

“I think it is a novel idea to package the leaves and sell them. It is the last thing I would think about to buy before I come into the supermarket and I did not expect to come and see them in here,” he said.

The banana leaves are sold under the company Eden Organics. (SB/GC)