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Human Chain Link for all to participate


Human Chain Link for all to participate

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PERSONS INTERESTED IN participating in the Human Chain Link, scheduled for Monday, November 28, should log on to to register.  Businesses and groups are also encouraged to register online.

The Chain Link is being coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, in collaboration with the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Secretariat and two non-governmental organisations – The Power of Choice and Trident 10 TV.

Deputy chief education officer, Joy Adamson, who stressed that the event was for everyone, said: “Visitors, members of the public, businesses, government offices and all school children are encouraged to join hands and show we love Barbados, as we celebrate 50 years of Independence.”

Adding that 92 000 individuals are required for a complete chain, Adamson pointed out that there were still a lot of spaces available on the eastern corridor, from St Lucy to St Philip.

In 1979, the Human Chain was attempted and 93 000 persons participated; the chain, however, was not completed because there were gaps in some areas, while other areas had four lines of persons. 

Persons are encouraged to register, in order to choose a point on the map. There will be 90 points on the chain, which will be along the coastline.

The major roads around Barbados where persons will link hands are: Highway 1; Checker Hall through St Lucy’s Parish Church; Charles Duncan O’Neal Highway;  Ermie Bourne Highway; Bathsheba; Horse Hill; Bowling Alley; Coach Hill; Sargeant Street; Bayfield; Long Bay; Crane; Gemswick; Fairy Valley; Oistins; Highway 7; and Bridgetown. 

All participants are urged to get to their assigned point by 9:30 a.m.  At a stipulated time, persons in the chain will sing the National Anthem, recite the National Pledge, and hold hands, while passing a trident. Over 300 tridents are being created by school children. The chain link should be completed by 11 a.m.

Five hundred volunteers are also required to work as marshals for the event. Persons interested in volunteering should contact the Chain Link Secretariat at 535-0763 or 535-0764, to sign up. 

Adamson stated that in addition to registering on the website, persons may call the Chain Link Secretariat for assistance, if they do not have a computer.

“Let us give Barbados a big hug,” the education official said. (BGIS)

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