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Jovenel Moise is new Haitian president


Jovenel Moise is new Haitian president

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PORT AU PRINCE –Jovenel Moise, a member of the PHTK (the Bald Heads Party) has been declared winner of the November 20 presidential election, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has said.

Moise, a plantation owner, received 595 430 votes or 55.6 per cent of the votes cast defeating Jude Célestin of the LAPEH Party of former president Michel Martelly, who received 208 837 votes or 19.52 per cent of the popular votes.

The margin of victory for Moise means there will not be a runoff.

The other presidential candidates Jean-Charles Moïse, of the Pitit Dessalines received 118 142 votes or 11.04 per cent while Maryse Narcisse, of the Fanmi Lavalas and who was a spokeswoman for former president Jean Bertrand Aristide, received 96 121 votes or 8.99 per cent of the popular votes.

The announcement by the CEP came as protestors took to the streets breaking windshields of motor vehicles, throwing rocks and in some areas, gunshots being heard.

The protestors were enraged that the CEP, which had promised to make the announcement early Monday, had not done so late into the night.

Interim leader Jocelerme Privert had appealed for calm ahead of the announcement.

“Resorting to acts of violence can only spoil the fruits of the beautiful day we had on 20 November,” he said.

CEP President Léopold Berlanger said the reason for the late announcement of the results was due to the “democratic work” and that he was anxious to respect the date of Monday.

“We want to salute the maturity of the Haitian people,” said Berlanger.

At least three of the three of the CEP advisers did not sign the results.

According to the electoral calendar the next step will be the “Filing of challenges” scheduled for December 3 to 5 followed by the “Treatment of challenges at BCED” from December 6 to 17.

The “Display of the BCED Decision” is scheduled for December 18, followed by the “Filing of challenges BCEN” from December 19 to -21.

The “Preparation of final results after litigation” will take place on December 28 with the publication of the final results for both the presidential and legislative polls scheduled for December 29. (CMC)