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WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Clean from inside out


WEDNESDAY WOMAN: Clean from inside out


ELEVEN YEARS AGO holistic practitioner Lisa Griffith had one goal, to literally clean Barbadians from the inside out.

That was why she founded Genesis Natural Health Clinic, which aims to create the health that Barbadians deserve through detox therapies, body analysis and biofeedback treatments.

It all began a few years prior when Griffith herself was in need of therapy to correct some digestive problems after she underwent a series of blood works.

She has always had severe sinus issues, which still bother her from time to time, but she found out the underlying cause was a dysfunction in her digestive system. It is well known that the digestive system is the key to health. And so one of the ways she approached getting back on track was diet, nutrition and colon hydrotherapy.

In her research Griffith learnt about colon hydrotherapy, which sparked her interest and desire to become more educated and fully trained. From there Griffith kicked off her training in colon hydrotherapy and holistic nutrition at Prime Pacific Health Innovations in collaboration with Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, Canada.

Previous to this training Griffith worked in health counselling for her brother Dr David Homer so upon her return when he expanded to colonics she was invited to manage that side of the business. Griffith did that for a year before she branched out on her own.

Colonics is believed to have been around since 1500 BC and practitioners say it is a cornerstone of any type of nutritional or holistic health. However, doctors have questioned its effectiveness.

Lisa Griffith with a male client and the colon hydrotherapy.  


Seat of emotions

Griffith explained that because the seat of all emotions is the gut, colon hydrotherapy helps to keep one’s centre clean thereby keeping the mind, body and spirit balanced. It is administered through a slow infusion of water into the colon to cleanse it of waste products and toxins.

She said: “Research is now showing the key to everybody’s health is maintaining their micro bio [the good bacteria that exists in your small intestine]. You should have 80 per cent good, 20 per cent bad —most people because of the types of diets we have, the stress that we undergo from day to day, most of us tend to be more acidic than we are alkaline.

The types of food we are eating now are creating what they call, leaky guts syndrome. It is caused by excess wheat in the system so what that does . . . to the lining of the colon is it wears it down so that in continual use of that creates a situation where your colon actually begins to look like a sieve. And so a lot of toxicity starts to seep through the walls of the colon into your blood stream as opposed to remaining within so people then develop allergies, skin conditions, adrenal fatigue, all types of ailments, start to run haywire.”

Strong foundation

A health practitioner with about 20 years of experience in the field, Griffith further explained that as the colon is cleaned an environment is created where the small intestines to rebalance itself to the 80/20 per cent ratio that it should have allowing the colon to build on stronger foundation.

In most cases the procedure does not hurt although it can be a bit uncomfortable initially mainly because most people are accustomed to being on a toilet when they defecate so being on a bed some people find it difficult to adjust initially.

Griffith said just about anyone can benefit from colonics and though men were initially quite hesitant they are becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits, hence the numbers are increasing.

She suggested that people should cleanse at least three times a year, preferably the best times of the year are: after Easter, at the end of the summer and after Christmas.

“ . . . Simply because when our bodies adapt to our environments we are part of it and . . . every time the earth changes season our bodies automatically go into a detox mode,” she said.

“When the earth is changing seasons it’s almost as if the earth is detoxing, for example, this time of the year the leaves change colours, the tree lose their leaves. That is why when the season change people tend to get sick. That is when they get flus and stuff but of course we run to the drug store or go to the doctor and get medication to suppress the symptoms.

“And that is another reason why we need to detox because we are doing all these things to suppress our body’s natural rhythms. So if the body is not detoxing the way that it should, it is important that you do a detoxing . . . . Of course, if the colon is not working properly then a lot of that stuff remains in there and it just circulates in the body and the body becomes sick.” (SDB Media)