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#LifeInLeggings brings sexual abuse into the open

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

#LifeInLeggings brings sexual abuse into the open

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HERALDED AS BETTER than any talk therapy the #LifeInLeggings movement is being viewed as a saving grace.

On Friday night a packed Moot Law court at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus was testimony to the fact that women in Barbados and worldwide have had enough.

Testimonials online with the thread #LifeInLeggings have been trending on the timelines of many via Facebook and Instagram for the last few weeks.

Women in Barbados and now across the world have started to speak out about sexual harassment, assault and rape.

Those responsible for the movement include Director Ronelle King, Communication Officer Risee Chaderton and actresses Sam Patrick and Luci Hammans who have also been out spoken about the harassment of women locally.

Patrick shared many of her experiences via Facebook, while Hammans, at the discussion, described the move as a much-needed step in the right direction.


Some men have been admonished for not allowing women to have their time to air their grievances and experiences.

Once embattled politician Dr Maria Agard has described the movement hosted by “De State a’ Tings” under journalist Denyce Blackman as a phenomenal venture.

While giving her take on #LifeInLeggings, Agard told NATION ONLINE she understood completely where the women were coming from having had to face her own monsters of domestic abuse.

Blackman said she was very thankful for those who came out in support of the first panel discussion which has sparked a conversation that is no longer simply tolerated but openly discussed, with hope for change and transformation in society. (MR)