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DEAR CHRISTINE: He left me again for young thing


DEAR CHRISTINE: He left me again for young thing

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DEAR CHRISTINE, My husband and I have been married for the past 27 years. For no reason, I can see he has taken up with a girl who is still in her teens. His crush started four months ago. He was so taken up with her that he would spend entire weekends at her home.

Naturally, I was very upset but could do nothing about it. He continued to support our home. We talked about it and even quarrelled about the situation, but I could get no place with him.

Anyhow, about two months after the hot affair, he returned home very dejected saying he had made a mistake. At that time she started seeing an old friend from her school days who had just got a good job. He said he still loved me and asked me if I would forgive him.

I care very much for my husband and so I took him back. For a few weeks things were not so bad, although he never seemed happy. Then Christine, guess what happened? He went back to the girl.

From what I have heard, the boy is just as flighty as she is and he has taken off.

To cut a long story short, she has called on my husband again. He is still at home, but I have made up my mind not to continue with him while he is having an affair with this young woman. I asked for a divorce but he says he is confused. He is confused and I am being destroyed.

The truth is, I am no longer a pretty young thing but I am still smart and attractive. What’s up with my husband and what’s wrong with me?

– W.W.

Dear W.W.,

They claim that men go through a period in which there are changing hormone levels. This sometimes brings on a midlife crisis in which behavioural patterns change. It can be fleeting.

Your husband is probably trying to recapture his youth through this girl. I think you should disregard your age as being the problem. It’s his.

You strike me as as a person who would be in touch with someone like a priest or marriage counsellor. I suggest you get together and talk it out with him.