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Sealy: Nothing wrong with Worthing Beach


Sealy: Nothing wrong with Worthing Beach

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“THERE IS NOTHING wrong with Worthing Beach.”

These words of assurance came from Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, as he spoke to the media this morning after having a routine sea bath at the recently-closed South Coast beach.

According to the Tourism Minister, the beach was safe for Barbadians and visitors alike, and he described the decision by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to close it as “an excessively cautious decision”.

After removing the closure signs which were erected by the National Conservation Commission, Sealy dismissed claims that sewage had leaked into the beach, thereby making it a health hazard to all sea bathers who frequent the area.

The Tourism Minister emphatically stated that this “has never been the case”, and stressed that the water was tested to ensure that it was safe.

“The tests that were done on Monday and Wednesday have proven no unusual levels of bacteria in the beach; the beach was in fact safe all along, [the closure] was just a precaution that was taken,” he explained.

Attributing the recent discolouration to the drainage of the nearby Graeme Hall Swamp, Sealy stated that there was no need for Barbadians to worry and, in fact, he encouraged locals and visitors alike to come out and enjoy Worthing beach. (BGIS)

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