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DEAR CHRISTINE: Help me get my wife back


DEAR CHRISTINE: Help me get my wife back

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DEAR CHRISTINE, For eight years I lived good with my wife. We have four children.

I then did something very wrong to her. I started going out with another woman and somebody told her. She tried hard to break it up, but did not succeed; this girl had me tied off.

I soon found out that the girl was a nobody; she had me and two other men at the same time.

I cannot stand that kind of woman and so I finished with her and told my wife that I would come back home because I realised that she was the woman I really cared about.

My problem is, Christine, after I left her, she got a job and between her salary and her big daughter’s salary, she does not need anything from me.

I wish I could put things right with her.

I know she reads your letters and I would be glad if you can help me get her back.

– K.C.

Dear K.C.,

And when you do, will you be leaving her for the next attractive woman who comes your way?

If you want to earn her love again, you’ll have to convince her that she can trust you in the future.

Money for food and shelter are not what she needs right now, but a husband she can trust.