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Agricultural losses too much


Agricultural losses too much

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THE ARTICLE in last week Monday’s DAILY NATION about the St Lucy farmer’s $10 000 loss reminded me of another loss in the agricultural sector.

I seem to remember that large cassava crops were stolen from the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, at Graeme Hall, Christ Church.

What is the status of the investigations into this matter? Was anyone caught, brought before the courts and punished? If so, what was the punishment?

Perhaps the Ministry of Agriculture or the Royal Barbados Police Force could provide answers.

In a previous letter to this newspaper I dealt with some of the implications of the statement by the Acting Commission of Police, Tyrone Griffith: “Obviously we need strong laws, adequate laws which can make big dents into the proceeds of crimes.” (SUNDAY SUN, October 9, 2016). The paragraph which immediately precedes this statement is also relevant.

The chief financial beneficiary of criminal activity should be the state. Substantial fines, the seizure of assets, unlimited community service for criminals and so on, can all contribute towards this objective.