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Christmas Pet Peeves

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Christmas Pet Peeves

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TO EVERY UP there is a downside, but thankfully the Christmas season brings more smiles than frowns.

In the spirit of the season, NATION Online asked some of Barbados’ young entrepreneurs, entertainers and media personalities what turns their smiles into frowns, but the responses only brought on more smiles.  

After all, it’s Christmas!

■ “Why can I only get sorrel in December?! That’s all I have to say.” – DJ Puffy, winner of the 2016 Red Bull Thre3style World Championships in Santiago Chile.

What about waiting until a few hours before Christmas to put the house back together? The curtains go up on December 24th including the carpets and cushion covers [you will be sitting on in a few hours]” – Former Aide-de-Camp of the Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, Carlos Lovell.

I absolutely love Christmas so the only thing that could tick me off about it is that it only comes once a year. If I was still a child it would be having to wait until I come back from church to open presents.” – CBC broadcast journalist Cheyne Jones.

We all know it is supposed to be the season of giving but why do people spend so much money on gifts at Christmas time when they can just give all year?” – Model, psychologist, dancer Megghan Michael.


“You dress extra special, go to church at 5 a.m. then walk around in the hot sun or pouring rain at Queens Park for 3-4 hours. It is the time of year when you buy numerous presents for people and children who you only see once or twice a year. It is the deadline for your DIY home projects such as painting, renovations and repairs. The most selfish people amazingly become kind and give gifts. People who don’t speak to you get upset when you don’t give them gifts. Makes no sense at all.” – Director of C2J Foundation Inc. and columnist Corey Worrell.

“The fact that all year round no one has drinks in their house … but at Christmas; [you would see] cases of Plus, one Tiger Malt, Two Banks Beers and a Sorrel, Ginger ale, a single Coke and a Sprite.” – Soca Artiste Shane “Stiffy” Atkinson.

“[About] the fact that people need new furniture every Christmas and that people pack everything on their plates on Christmas day including dessert.” – Pastry and Cuisine Chef-Javon Cummins

Unrealistic and impractical spending. People spend and buy what they can not afford to. I absolutely love Christmas but I’m not going to make my January an unhappy one because of it. [But hey] ‘One love and Happy Holidays’’ [to all]. – President of B-GLAD (Barbados Gays Lesbians and All Sexuals Against Discrimination, Donya Piggott

[People should really] get their road tax and car insurance in order because Police in Bridgetown out and about like rice – plenty.” – Toni Thorne, entrepreneur and executive producer of the Toni Thorne Show.

I’m a lawyer so the fact that some legal offices close for three weeks at Christmas time is pretty [unfortunate].” – Lily Dash, Attorney-at-Law and daughter of businesswoman and philanthropist Julie Dash.

“I understand the whole mess of being busy but I had to turn down jobs just so that I could have time for myself. It’s also funny when people strategically plan to break up a relationship after Christmas because they don’t want to miss out on Christmas gifts.” – Himal Reece, professional photographer and CEO of Imagination Lit.

And this final gem comes from one of our drivers, Basil Griffith, who was annoyed about the bumper-to bumper traffic along Broad Street on December 23.

“People have 12 months to do these things and wait ‘til December to clean, cook and wash?”

Merry Christmas.