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Puffy rocks Ham Jam crowd


Puffy rocks Ham  Jam crowd

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ISLAND ROOTS BROUGHT the ham while 2016 Redbull Thre3style champion DJ Puffy provided the jam for an exuberant crowd on Wednesday night at Copacabana.

The Ham Jam Christmas Beach Party was Island Roots’ fresh approach to their Bad Santa Christmas party, which had been in the running for the three previous years.

Jarrell Fenton, one of the directors of Island Roots, said that though the theme of their usual event was changed to include a food aspect, the sweet vibe remained the same, with the bonus of having long-time Island Roots partner DJ Puffy, right after his win at the 2016 Red Bull Thre3style DJ Competition.

After receiving a “hero’s welcome” at Grantley Adams International Airport, André DJ Puffy Parris landed at the party and “shelled down” with his characteristic chaotic energy, mixing and blending classic and modern club hits, which most of the front row of party animals greatly appreciated.

Following that set, Puffy closed his one-hour plus session by bringing the back row crowd to the front with sweet soca tunes.

Speaking with WEEKEND BUZZ after his set, Puffy once again expressed his gratitude for the support he received getting to and while in Chile for the DJing competition and added that his win was simply the beginning.

“This is bigger than me. It’s bigger than the country, it’s the entire region. This is is for people who thought that they couldn’t do, or they couldn’t chase their dreams, they couldn’t achieve what it is they aspire to be,” he said.

The party is on – so let us take selfies, seems to be what this gang is saying.


As it applies to himself and his growth, Puffy said that his success would serve to propel him to higher heights.

“It’s the transition, the metamorphosis from Puffy the DJ to Puffy the artiste, so I will be putting out my own material from now on. It might not be necessarily soca, but it will be something that will put me on a bigger scale, a more major level in terms of festivals and performances,” he said.

He also added that in terms of development in the Caribbean, he was in the process of organising workshops with notable individuals like Pioneer DJ and Serato. (SOM)

A good time was had by all at Ham & Jam Christmas Beach Party.