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DEAR CHRISTINE: I need some help with appliances


DEAR CHRISTINE: I need some help with appliances

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I am a young, single mother of one child who is two years of age. I am in desperate need of assistance in attaining a refrigerator and stove.

Due to complications in my pregnancy, my son came prematurely causing health issues with his left lung. He also has acute asthma. I spend most days every couple of months in and out of the hospital, forcing me to take a leave of absence from work.

My son and I have been through so much. I thank the Lord each day for helping us make it this far and from being homeless to receiving assistance from the National Housing Corporation (NHC).

Even after moving into an environment which I can control to at least try and change the outcome of outings we have to make to the hospital, issues still persisted due to his steroid intake causing him to vomit blood.

Since that time, things have settled down and he’s back into nursery and as happy as can be, but my struggle of being employed and still not being able to work a full scheduled week continues.

I am unfortunately one 25-year-old with little to no family as my parents and grandparents have all passed on. I am also limited in the hours I have to work because I have no help with getting my son to and from nursery. This became extremely hard for me as I’m not able to pay my rent or even afford food for my son and me.

Help us

In my desperate cry for help, I have tried reaching out to various departments I know of to help my situation even in the slightest. The Welfare Department will hopefully accept my applications for monthly cheques and assistance with rent for a short period of time, as his dad is not doing his part.

I also received contact information for the chairman of the National Assistance Board and went so far as to acquire the cell number of the Prime Minister. It has been three months of calling, messaging via Whatsapp and going from place to place but not receiving a reply.

With no word from the Welfare Department as yet, I fear losing my new home for my son, seeing that the NHC is calling about the rent and I have not worked one single day in the two months I have moved into my new flat.

With no food, no refrigerator or stove, I was forced to send my son to a close friend’s residence for the holidays.

Christine, this was my baby’s first Christmas home and not having to be hospitalised and I couldn’t even buy him a toy motorcycle costing $3.59. I know things take time and I will go the mile for my boy, for he’s all I have left in this world.

I am at my wits’ end.


Dear Desperate Mum,

I am sorry to hear about your plight and that of your son. I take note of the fact that you are working but that some of those work days are spent looking after your child.

I also note that while you desire long-term assistance, I can only assist you short-term with food items.

I have also published your letter so that anyone who can assist with that stove, refrigerator or even help with food supplies, can do so by calling 430-5470. In addition, I hope that someone from a children’s charity can help your son if he needs further medical attention or needs to be in a safe environment.

Here’s hoping that things will turn around for you this year.

In the meanwhile, hang in there.