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Getting the buy-in


Getting the buy-in

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ON YOUR MARK, get set and engines on full. It certainly does appear with one cursory look at the newspapers that we are accelerating along the road to perdition for 2017.

Just a few days into the new year and we are treated to suggestions of possible devaluation; rumours of more belt-tightening measures to come; the deleterious conditions of our roads; systemic challenges within our educational system; the continuous breakdown of our family structures; the scourge of illegal dumping; the misuse of social media, and the list goes on.

Brothers and sisters, it certainly feels as if our country is on its way to the ICU as we feel the effects of what some argue is the severe haemorrhaging of our social and economic infrastructures. How do we fix this?

Project management

As I alluded to in my last contribution, I am confident that we can fix our problems if we work together. One of the key knowledge areas in project management is stakeholder management and it is considered by some to be the most important because it seeks to establish buy-in and collaboration between all parties.

In my opinion, it is clear that our present circumstances are quite complex and I support the calls by the head of the Private Sector Association for the Social Partnership to work more effectively during the ensuing year. But will this be enough? I don’t believe so.


We must find ways for all Barbadians to contribute to solving our collective challenges. There have been quite a few calls by many commentators for national consultations, and I take this opportunity to make that call yet again.

Every one of us should have the opportunity to have our say. Every one of us should have an opportunity to offer solutions and suggestions. More importantly, every one of us should have the opportunity to stand before our leaders to articulate our concerns and to seek clarity on any national issue.

As such, I think it would be useful if our leaders consider and recognise the tremendous benefits that can be achieved when constituents get the chance to discuss important issues with them sitting on the other side of the table.