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Police officers promoted


Police officers promoted


FIFTY-SIX POLICE officers were promoted today during an official ceremony at Police Headquarters.

They were issued with their letters of appointment by acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith.

The development came three weeks after Justice Margaret Reifer dismissed an application by 14 officers who challenged their non-promotion.

They claimed they were originally on a list submitted to the police service Commission by former top cop Darwin Dottin.

Below is the full list of appointments.

To the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police

Senior Superintendent Erwin Boyce

To the post of Senior Superintendent

Superintendent Lybron Sobers

To the post of Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Colvin Bishop

Assistant Superintendent Bruce Rowe

Assistant Superintendent McDonald Woodroffe

Assistant Superintendent John Annel

Assistant Superintendent Sylvester Louis

Inspector Margaret Stephen

To the post of Assistant Superintendent

Inspector Anthony Jackman

Inspector Ian Branch

Inspector Graham Husbands

Inspector David Griffith

To the post of Inspector

Station Sergeant Christine Stanford

Station Sergeant Dale Crichlow

Station Sergeant Eustace Ifill

Station Sergeant Adrian Broomes

Station Sergeant Mark White

Station Sergeant Dennis Small

Station Sergeant Cecil Watson

Station Sergeant Paul Lynch

Station Sergeant Clement Depeiza

Station Sergeant Aldric Chandler

To the post of Station Sergeant

Sergeant Peter Gill

Sergeant Clifford Bridgeman

Sergeant Rudolph Burnett

Sergeant Winston Goddard

Sergeant Janice Ifill

Sergeant Edwin Sandiford

Sergeant Wendley Carter

Sergeant Dudley Walrond

Sergeant Glyne Yearwood

Sergeant Ensley Grainger

Sergeant Clyde Gibson

Sergeant Patrick Gill

Sergeant Oriel Benjamin

Sergeant Adrian Layne

To the post of Sergeant

Constable Pierson Scantlebury

Constable Desmond Howard

Constable Leon King

Constable Leon Jordan

Constable Peter Small

Constable Michael Blackman

Constable Trevor Woodroffe

Constable Colin Allamby

Constable Candacy Maynard

Constable Shawn Lynch

Constable Clairmonte Waithe

Constable Kevin Boyce

Constable Tony King

Constable Gazelda Knight

Constable Emerson Jones

Constable Augustin Jacob

Constable Robert Smith

Constable Newton Lewis

Constable Judean Greene

Constable Davy Griffith