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EDITORIAL: We hold the power to bring about change


EDITORIAL: We hold the power to bring about change

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IT TAKES A VILLAGE is a sentiment often uttered in relation to raising children, but it can applied to tough times and situations which require individuals coming together to find solutions.

Such was the case last weekend when just before the start of this school term, a community, without any prompting, was pressed into action to clean up the St Bernard’s Primary School in St Joseph.

Their only objective, according to them, was to make sure that the neighbourhood school was environmentally clean and safe to greet students on their return Tuesday.

What Barbados witnessed was the coming together of a community determined to put its hands to the plough and clean up the overgrown bush and mess around the rural school.

Without any assistance from Government or state-owned entities, residents sprang into action. These Airy Hill folk must be commended for their efforts which were initiated out of an abundance of care and concern for the young ones who were about to head back into the classrooms.

This certainly is an action that must not only be lauded and admired, but one which can be and should be repeated across communities. This is a good example at a time when so many sit around, moan and groan and wait hand and foot for the Government to answer their every cry and concern.

At a time when our environment and illegal dumping are of utmost concern, the positive actions of this community cannot be understated.

Too often, it is easy to pinpoint the things that should be done in various communities, but do nothing but wait for handouts and help to correct these issues. Instead, more of our people need to take a leaf from the book of these St Joseph residents.

Get up and take some matters into your own hands. While we acknowledge there are some things that will need the help of our politicians and the state, there are others that if we get together as civic-minded citizens, we can get done. The power sometimes is in our hands as a people to effect the positive change we seek.

And when we take this action, let’s do so without a lot of fanfare and fuss, and without always seeking financial reward.

In this regard, we commend the sentiments of Anglican Bishop Dr John Holder, who in a sermon last Sunday to the Lions and Leo clubs of Barbados, encouraged more Barbadians to serve their communities.

While there are some who are called to high office to serve, there is certainly a place for all Barbadians to make a difference in their communities and their country. Each and every individual can find a way to step up and serve and not just leave it to the powers that be.

In the words of the 35th President of the United States of America, John F Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”