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Leaders Week bearing fruit

LISA KING, [email protected]

Leaders Week bearing fruit

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WITHIN THE FIRST YEAR of its Leaders Week at the Alleyne School, there’s been a marked increase in the level of discipline and confidence in students.

During the start of the second annual Leaders Week at the Belleplaine, St Andrew school yesterday, principal Julia Beckles said that as a result of last year’s leadership drive and the activities which continued throughout the school year, the students were volunteering more.

“We had doors in the hall that needed to be painted and students volunteered to stay after school on evenings and paint them,” she said. Students also went to the office inquiring whether anyone needed help.

“We have had a decline in students being antagonistic with one another. Normally we have a very peaceful existence here and we have seen an improvement. We have seen a decline in student on students issues and disagreements,” she reported.

The principal explained that the programme worked on the psyche of students, getting them to think of themselves as leaders.

Leaders Week 2017 is being held under the theme Leaders Who Believe Help Others To Achieve and the entire school body, 811 students, were all designated leaders.

Today there will be a panel discussion while the Scotia Bank Leadership Conference, now in its third year, takes place tomorrow. On Thursday the students will visit the Barbados Defence Force to interact with its leaders. (LK)