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MAVIS BECKLES: Charity better than nothing


MAVIS BECKLES: Charity better than nothing

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I DIDN’T REALLY want tuh go on like evahbody else ’bout the lot o’ potholes all ovah Barbados and I promise muhself this year 2017 dat I gine try tuh focus pon the more positive things. But I gine tell ya, dah real hard because evah where ya look nowadays, it seems like there is more negatives all the time than positives.

Now the people carrying on at a rate ’bout the bad roads and the potholes and the minister, poor fella, like he ain’t know he head from he tail. All he doing is talking and talking and making all kinds o’ promises and from the time the people ain’t see things work out as he promise, evahbody down in he neck like a tick.

Duh writing in the papers, duh calling in tuh the radio stations and wherevah ya see men congregating, duh drinking duh drinks and talking ’bout it.

Look, when I hear the lot o’ fair promises, I does have tuh ask myself where all this lot o’ money gine come from tuh fix these roads.

I ain’t know ’cause wherevah ya go in Barbados, duh got bad roads and real nuff roads mash up. Duh ain’t just want fixing; a lot o’ dem want digging up and resurfacing but, again, where all o’ dah money coming from?

One o’ the good things ’bout the bad roads is dat it does force some o’ the crazy drivers tuh slow down. Some o’ dem like duh does believe dat it is only dem pon the roads or dem is the only ones who does pay road tax.

Another thing is dat duh ain’t want duh wheels break off, so a few o’ dem does slow down li’l bit, thank God.

I was reading an article there in the Wednesday papers, wid the Barbados Labour Party MP fuh St James, Kerrie Symmonds, expressing his gratitude tuh the Aron and Christina Foundation fuh offering tuh pave the St James stretch o’ road from Spring Garden Highway, all the way tuh Holetown in St James.

Now while on one hand he was expressing he gratitude tuh the foundation, on the other he wasn’t too please dat this ain’t what this organisation should be doing.

He say dat it is a disgrace because this is what we does be paying taxes tuh do. Ya know this is a big part o’ he constituency, so it might gripe he li’l bit.

I suppose I could understand where he coming from because it is the Government responsibility tuh look after public roads and now look wha’ happening. Tuh me it is like a whole family, wid father, mother and children living in a house.

Duh fall pon hard times and cahn take care of duh affairs and somebodies, foreigners, seeing the problems, gotta come in and kinda prop dem up. He think it is an embarrassment tuh the people o’ Barbados. But hey! These people driving pon the roads like anybody else and it mashing up dem cars too.

I suppose I could understand where Mr Symmonds coming from but duh say the present Government ain’t got nuh kinda money tuh do the roads, ent?

Look, I know the St James coast road like the back o’ my hand and lemmuh tell ya: it real bad in trute. not only one part, ya know. The entire stretch o’ road, all the way, even past Holetown, which is just a li’l better, but it bad.

I does try tuh avoid dat road as much as possible and only use it if I cahn help it. My poor li’l puma does sound like it gine shackle out in the road ’cause ya cahn avoid the holes nor some o’ dem patches; duh just ain’t got nuh smooth parts.

I ain’t know how duh gine get all o’ these roads all cross the island do; it is a great big undertaking in every way. I tell ya. So it might be disgraceful but something gotta happen.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.