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SOCIAL SCENE: Hard to say goodbye to Barbados

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

SOCIAL SCENE: Hard to say goodbye to Barbados

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BARBADOS IS REGARDED as a highly favoured posting for foreign diplomats and once they serve here, leaving is difficult.

Chinese diplomat Shu Songhua, the outgoing second-in-command at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China at Golf Club Road, Christ Church, knows the feeling well. On the eve of his departure for a new assignment last week, he too was finding it difficult to say farewell to an island that he indicated he had grown to love over the three years of serving here.

“I enjoyed staying in Barbados very much. Although I am leaving Barbados I will continue paying close attention to Barbados,” Zhu told Social Scene after saying individual goodbyes to members of the Chinese community in Barbados, diplomats and other guests attending the reception.

Zhu Songhua takes up the position of deputy consul general at the Chinese Embassy in Belfast, while his successor Zou Xi assumes the job of deputy head of mission.

Zou Xi, who comes to Barbados after working in the Chinese Consulate in New York, promised he would work hard with the rest of the local team to advance the China-Barbados relationship and to increase Chinese-Barbadian friendships.