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Skerrit denies being under investigation


Skerrit denies being under investigation

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ROSEAU– Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has denied being under investigation by United States authorities and urged nationals “to take a stand and speak out against these brazen acts” which he said were being undertaken by the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

In a radio and television broadcast to the nation on Saturday night from Greece, where he is on a visit, Prime Minister Skerrit questioned “how far will they go to score cheap political points?

“If they succeed in destroying the economic lifeblood of the country to what will we turn? All of the productive sectors are contributing and are in build back mode but we cannot and must not destroy what we have now, in the hope of finding something better down the road.

“I appeal to you my fellow countrymen and women, let your voices be heard in condemnation of these politically barbaric acts on the part of the opposition. This is now no longer about the political demise of Roosevelt Skerrit, this is a calculated, targeted and dishonest attack on Dominica.”

Skerrit said that “all right thinking, nation loving Dominicans need to take a stand against the antics” of the Opposition Leader Lennox “and his UWP cohorts and say ‘enough is enough’. Stop before it is too late”.

On Saturday, acting Prime Minister Reginald Austrie denied social media reports that Prime Minister Skerrit was under investigation by United States law enforcement authorities and blamed the UWP for engineering the report as part of its strategy “to seize political control of this country”.

The report on the social media, Facebook, claims that Skerrit is under investigation by an un-named United States agency for his role in the sale of a Dominican passport to Iranian national Ali Reza Halat Monfared who has been arrested on allegations of being involved in Iran’s biggest ever corruption scandal.

Ion his broadcast from Greece, Prime Minister Skerrit described the situation now as having reached “the height of irresponsibility and shows a callous disregard for the impact of this juvenile, smear campaign on the image and wellbeing of Dominica. (CMC)