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EASY MAGAZINE: The Nebletts: 46 years of wedded bliss


EASY MAGAZINE: The Nebletts: 46 years of wedded bliss

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The mystery of Diana and Henderson Neblett’s long and happy marriage?

“We gradually became friends, it was not a one time thing,” said Henderson.

The Nebletts met at the First Baptist Church. They both belonged to the church’s youth group, and out of all the ladies Henderson had eyes only for Diana.

They have been married for 46 years, and the couple shared the secret of their marriage’s longevity with EASY magazine.

“We were complete opposites. In fact, we still are. When we are eating cornflakes, I like mine with cold water and sweet milk, while hers must have sugar, regular milk and hot water. I am the laid-back, cautious type of person and she the more exuberant, outgoing person; and we complement
each other in that way,” Henderson said.

Henderson says Diana is the peanut butter to his jelly.

They got married on June 12, 1969.Diana was 21; Henderson, 23. The couple explained that neither wanted to succumb to the desires of the flesh, nor wanted to be wedded on the circumstance that Diana
had become pregnant.

“I was heavily involved in the church. I was superintendent of the Sunday School, and I wanted to set a good example for the younger ones to follow. We had set one date, and six months afterwards she was my wife.

“We started out in a small one-bedroom house in Black Rock; we had second-hand furniture. We didn’t have a nice road, and my dad put down some marl,” Henderson explained.

“We honeymooned for an entire year and then we had our first child,” said Diana.

“Hendy and I enjoyed that first year of marriage without any interruptions and restrictions,” she added.

The devoted Christians said the secret ingredients to their marriage were religion, friendship and communication. They told EASY this concoction was the perfect elixir and that they became more than husband and wife, best friends and soulmates.

“We have learnt to put the Lord first in our lives. When we sit down on mornings to drink a cup of tea, we hold hands and say a prayer. When we sit down for lunch we do the same, and when we get home, we hold hands once more and pray,” said Henderson.

The couple jointly own a printing company named Neb’s Enterprises.
Although they work and see each other every day, they say they never get weary of one another’s company.

“We share a lot together. We are involved in church activities and we love to travel.

“We went to England, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Germany. Doing all those things together helps to build the relationship. Every time we visit the Eiffel Tower, I say, ‘Hon, look’, and we start
to recall memories,” said Henderson.

“There was a time when I went to the Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee for hearing-impaired children by myself. It was exciting, they gave me a cowboy hat, and boots and clothing and I went horseback riding.

“I was so excited that when I returned to Barbados, I told her about the trip right away and she nodded and dropped to sleep.

“She wasn’t there to experience it, so she couldn’t understand what I was feeling.”

Since then, Diana accompanied him on every trip he booked. The pastor and wife of Budlong Baptist Church enjoy meeting new people from different countries, learning new cultures and trying new food.

They have travelled to Niagara Falls, New York, Atlanta, Disney Land and have gone cruising on Carnival Victory. In the future, Diana hopes to see the Grand Canyon while Henderson dreams of visiting Alaska.

The adventurous duo had a bit of advice for young couples.

“Partners should share more and communicate better with their spouses. I find some people like to get married and still act as though they are independent; when you get married you become one,” said Diana.

“And sometimes parents put the children first and neglect the relationship . . . . You should find a way to balance the two. When the children grow up, what happens next?”

In addition, Diana said that couples should manage their spending properly and not let money be a challenge, especially in the present financial crisis.

Diana is 69 years old and Henderson is 71. They have three children, three grandchildren and one great-grand.

Although they are strong supporters of a close family union, they confessed they were happy their children were adults because it allowed them to have the house for themselves and enjoy an everlasting honeymoon. (SB)

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