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Moonlight Bazaar to beat the heat


Moonlight Bazaar to beat the heat

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THE FIFTH Moonlight Bazaar was held last night at Neils Plantation, St George.

Under the theme Black History Month, the African Heritage Foundation was invited and one of the highlights was the drumming ceremony.

Patrons got the opportunity to participate in the ceremony while the elders chanted African spirituals to the beat of the different drums, and whistle.

There was also food, art and craft stalls and a kids’ corner.

Organiser Andrea De Souza, who also lives on the plantation, said she was pleased with the turn out. She conceptualised the event based on the fact that the heat “gets to” her when she visits other markets held in the daytime.

De Souza said she also likes to showcase local businesses because she believes people should appreciate the quality of local products and handicraft.

The Moonlight Bazaar is held once a month on the Saturday closest to full moon. (SB)