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Grant for music development


Grant for music development

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GEORGETOWN – Teachers and students will soon be afforded the opportunity to be trained to create music, using technology.

The National School of Music has acquired a grant to introduce a music programme that allows for the creation of music with the use of a software programme.

This was disclosed by the National School of Music Administrator, Andrew Tyndall, who noted the money was obtained from the Canadian Development Bank through the Basic Needs Trust Fund.

The training will be conducted with teachers and students from various schools throughout the regions and will commence in March 2017. The programme, according to Tyndall, should be a success since the government has been investing heavily to ensure that every school has a computer laboratory.

“They already have what we could say is the basic instrument that is required, they have a computer lab so once the teachers get the training they could go back and they have somewhere they could teach this programme,” Tyndall explained.

Additionally, the programme will give persons who are creative and do not know how to play an instrument but are “tech savvy” to be able to create music. Since the programme will be in the form of software, it can be installed on devices such as a laptop or an I-Pad.

“You could use that same instruments that you use to play games or to do your assignment or to do your research that will become your work station, you could produce music, you could build tracks,” Tyndall stated.

Tyndall pointed out that the programme will also serve as a means to empower youths who can, in the future, become entrepreneurs with the establishment of their own recording studio. (GINA)