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All is well at NAPSAC

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

All is well at NAPSAC

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ALL IS WELL at the National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championships (NAPSAC) once again for parents and supporters of the track meet.

True to his word, chairman of NAPSAC Richmark Cave ensured parents were relocated to the stands on the Eastern side of the Usain Bolt Sports Complex, after they protested the inadequate arrangements meted out to them during the Patsy Callender Zone meet on Tuesday.

When a NATION team visited the complex yesterday, parents and supporters were seen seated in two tents with students viewing the action.

Joann Sherry, who acted as spokesperson for the previously disgruntled group, said they were happy with where they were now located.

“Before we left [Tuesday] we heard that the issue was being reviewed, and one of the people in the committee sent a message to us saying that he can tell us without a shadow of a doubt that we will be in the stands today [yesterday]. But we all made a decision that we will wait and see what will happen.

“We are here now and they gave us two or three sections that we can sit, and we are very, very happy. This is the way it should be; we are here and the children are happy and everybody is happy. We could now see who is running and the children doing the long jump, and more importantly hear the athletes’ names,” she said.

Efforts to reach Cave proved futile. (RA)

HAPPY TO BE SEATED: Parents and spectators were happy to be relocated in the stands.