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DEAR CHRISTINE: Seems you are being used


DEAR CHRISTINE: Seems you are being used

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I would appreciate some advice from you. You see, I am in love with a very nice, young attractive man. The problem is he is living in a house with a woman by the name of P.

This guy says he really loves me and does not want to hurt me in any way because he feels he’ll be hurting himself also.

Christine, he always tells me that if he sees me talking to any man and he feels something is going on, someone will be hurt and that someone will be me.

This guy says he is not in love with the girl anymore, but just because of his father’s ways towards him he is living at her house I really love him and just cannot bear to see hima leaving me and going home to someone else he says he really does not care for.

Christine, this man brings all his problems to me. He tells me about P and how she treats him. He says he has to do everything for himself. I really feel for him and whenever he needs money or anything, and he comes to me for it I tell him to get it from P just to hear what he has to say.

He tells me that if he did not want help he never would ask me for any money. He does so because I am nicer than P.

I am 25 years of age and was working in an office part time, but now I am back home. This man comes by me very often, and sometimes we go to the cinema and so on. He says to bear with him because he does not have anyone to turn to for help.

Please tell me what to do about this situation. I need your help but I am not going to give him up as he just cannot do without me.


Dear A.P,

You have already made up your mind that you are not going to give him up and so you’ll just have to keep on “forking” out your love and possessions to this guy. I find it hard to accept that the woman would put him up if he did not show her some form of affection.

Unless he’s got her wrapped around his finger as he has you, you’re both in this together.

You did not say whether he was working or not. I feel he is not. Why should he when he has one woman providing shelter and some food no doubt, and you filling in with money?

Now that you are not working I am wondering how much of him you are seeing. This man has got to be supported and it’s quite possible if you are not paying your dues someone else is. I am sorry but I really think that you are being used.