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Stop paying lip service to road safety


Stop paying lip service to road safety

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RECENTLY ANOTHER YOUNG life was lost, this time in the Boarded Hall/Lower Greys area.

This incident has brought back into focus the inadequate arrangements for pedestrian crossings at critical points along our road network.

This letter writer has been constantly complaining for many years about inadequate and inappropriate pedestrian crossing to no avail.

Apparently, no one within the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) or the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) recognises the importance of electronic lights as an integral part of the management of pedestrian traffic, particularly in heavily trafficked areas.

It is so nice to hear the often repeated cliché “one life lost is one too many”, but no preventative measures are being taken by those responsible.

Matters of road safety involve a number of stakeholders, including Insurance companies, MTW, BRSA, the Royal Barbados Police Force and all commuters, but “who will bell the cat” in an effort to rid our country of the carnage occurring on our roads?