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Nadia nails it

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Nadia nails it

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NADIA HOLMES is the girl next door. She likes to hang out with friends, socialise, go to the movies and the beach. But how does she find time to do all when she is also a model, dancer and a singer and holds down three jobs?

“I don’t know where I find the time, but for me it is about prioritising, she said. “I have a little book I write in daily what I have to do and what I need to get accomplished.”

Nadia knew she would always get into the creative field.

“From a little girl I was actively involved in the arts. I was part of the Barbados Dance Theatre. My family is very artistic (brother is multiple soca and road march monarch Ricky T from St Lucia).”

Nadia said she wasn’t sheltered growing up and her family made sure she was actively involved in extracurricular activities: “I was always outgoing. I played netball, volleyball, did athletics, sing in the choir and so on.”

A past student of St Paul’s Primary, The Lodge School and Queen’s College, Nadia said she decided to do an associate degree in theatre arts at the Barbados Community College.

“It is supposed to make me well rounded . . .  and hone my craft as an entertainer. I want to be a triple threat. I am looking to go not only regionally but internationally.”

While working towards that goal Nadia makes sure she adds to her resume.

She started modelling at The Lodge where she won the school pageant at age 13. She got more training in the field, and has been in pageants, judged pageants and performed at pageants.

She also honed her vocal skills singing R&B as backup. Nadia is the Banks Calendar Girl 2016-2017. She said the journey so far has been enlightening and it was also a strategic decision to enter.

“I know that there have been some criticism of the competition in terms of degrading young women, but I have looked at the past winners and they have been great ambassadors for the brand and themselves.

“I looked at it as how can I capitalise with the brand as I am a brand myself. I felt that us joining hands made a great partnership going forward.

“I want to be the best ambassador I can be and promote the brand.”

Nadia won the popular vote online.

“I watched the votes increasing and had mixed emotions. It was thrilling, it was scary. I am very competitive. I voted for myself every day,” she said, laughing.

“I believed in myself that I could win it and I had a lot of support.”

Nadia said the only drawback was that she had looked forward to the stage where she felt like she could project her presence and let people know who Nadia really was.

“I loved the fact that I won though and helping my charity to gain more prominence.”

That charity is CariGes for Women.

“It is about women’s empowerment. They haven’t been very public with their work but women have benefited from being in the group. They help you with challenges in life and it is nice that they allow you to share.”

Nadia has raised money for the charity and said she has maintained contact with the group. She is working with them as a spokesperson to encourage young women to get involved.

“I know what it is to have people tell you no and to beat down your self-esteem. I like women who support and encourage each other instead of tearing down each other.

“What may seem small to you could be a big deal to them.”

In all of this Nadia works three jobs in the tourism industry.

“I like being busy. I love my jobs. I meet so many different people from different cultures. The hours are flexible so I can have time to do vocal and dance training.”

If her plan for being a triple threat doesn’t work out what is her backup plan?

“I have heard about having a backup plan when you are in the creative field. But my family has always been supportive and told me if that is my dream put my all into it and don’t hold back. I have never really thought of having a backup plan.

“This is my plan.”