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It’s not too late, Mr Prime Minister


It’s not too late, Mr Prime Minister

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DEAR PRIME MINISTER, permit me to offer some thoughts on the immediate future of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

First of all, you can believe me when I say that I am a member of this party, and my intentions are noble. I am only interested in the success of the said party at the next elections.

Please note it is not necessary to identify me from the undersigned name. Only critically examine and take action on my message.

From the outset, let me advise that the path you are presently on will not even render you or the party competitive in the next general elections. You have annoyed or agitated the average Barbadian, and they are just patiently waiting to oust you.

Is all lost? I say no. But you must first exhibit some humility, and immediately come with a series of strategies as time is limited. Of paramount importance is that you must mend fences with the scores of supporters and members who were there pre-2008, and who have now been marginalised and sidelined for a bunch that has jumped on the bandwagon to see what they can get.

These “sidelined members” are or were your loyal and trusted foot soldiers, and can defend the philosophy and culture of the party. It is in their veins. All efforts must be made to have them “back on board”.

Secondly, you must allow the populace to feel part of the developmental process of this country. There is a dire need for more transparency, and the average man in the street must be accessible to members of Parliament, et cetera. Their concerns, queries, and aspirations must be addressed with haste and brought to a satisfactory closure.

Open forum

Open and frank discussion must be entertained. And the major decision makers must be allowed to be quizzed in open forum on the economy. Where mistakes have been made, that should be admitted. Worthwhile and workable solutions from John Public should be entertained and, where feasible or of value, be implemented.

There is one area of concern that is almost ludicrous. With just over a year before elections, the slate of candidates has not been finalised. It is insulting to thrust candidates on the populace at the last minute and expect them to be accepted with open arms. It just will not work.

Finally and most important is the question of leadership. This too must be accessible. A clear indication as to objectives being pursued must be articulated by you as leader. And along the way regular updates should be given as to the progress being made.

Do not expect anyone to follow you in these times of uncertainty. You are the leader and you are expected to be seen as the leader and should lead from the front.

These are the nucleus of some of my thoughts. And in closing, I again implore you to be humble, examine the message, and not attack the messenger. Too much is at stake. It is desirable for the Democratic Labour Party to again be referred to as Dear Loving People.