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No conflict between BLP, Life in Leggings marches


No conflict between BLP, Life in Leggings marches

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THE ORGANISERS OF Life in Leggings have sought to make it clear that Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and the Barbados Labour Party have been working with them to ensure both groups’ marches can come off on March 11.

In a statement issued today, Luci Hammans and Ronelle King said the clash in dates was not ideal for either party but the BLP had been working “amicably” with them since Friday.

Hammans said the Life in Leggings march was being painted as in conflict with the BLP march. However, she pointed out that changes in the time and location of the march against gender-based violence had nothing to do with the BLP event.

“Mia Mottley as a concerned citizen was actually instrumental in securing the location and route for the Life in Leggings march with the police. She will also be marching with us in an effort to bring awareness to gender-based violence, a cause she feels strongly about,” Hammans said.

Hammans said Life in Leggings, though apolitical, understands and supports the need for free democracy to be practiced in Barbados.

“The BLP was quick to acknowledge the importance of nationally making a stand against the gender-based violence that affects our country and beyond. It is clear from our discussions, that Ms Mottley and the BLP supports any activism that helps enable the eradication of violence towards women and girls,” she said.

The organiser said there was a fear that media coverage for one march may outweigh the impact of the other but this does not need to be the case.

“We understand the Barbadian public is filled with multi-faceted individuals who should have the opportunity to march for their beliefs, rights and positions. We, the organisers of Life in Leggings, are happy the two marches are not happening at the same time. The Barbadian public now have the opportunity to support both marches,” Hammans said. (PR/NB)