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OUT & ABOUT: Eyes on the prize

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OUT & ABOUT: Eyes on the prize

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A dream come true. That was the only way make-up artist, Ackeem Francis could describe his feelings upon the launch of his new collection of mint eyelash extensions, Lust Lashes.

The Radission Aquatica, Aquatic Gap, Carlisle Bay was abuzz with celebrations recently as local beauty professionals and fashionistas came out to give Francis their support at a spectacular held to officially launch his product.

Lust Lashes, which were designed by the 21-year-old, is a collection of 12 lash styles. They are said to be lightweight and comfortable to wear; appeal to all ages, races as well as personalities, and are reusable up to 25 times.

The young entrepreneur, who is also founder of Faces by Ackeem Francis, was extremely proud about his special moment when addressing the audience. Francis stated that he invested tremendous time developing his brand to ensure his was an amazing lash product.

A make-up artist for four years, Francis also noted that he could have tried his hand at any other product but he chose lashes in particular because they were the crux of every look.

“Lashes offer that small but significant difference in your make-up application. It is the cherry on top, the icing on the cake and I am positive that fellow make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts can [agree] with the statement that your make-up is not complete without lashes . . . the right pair of lashes.

“And that is what inspired me to create my very own lash line. These lashes were designed with my clients and colleagues  in mind and therefore they are fine, fabulous and of the highest quality,” he assured. (SDB Media)