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YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Friends fuh a good laff


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: Friends fuh a good laff

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YUH SEE YUH FRIENDS? Dem is people who can make or break you in a good way. I have a few that love life and live it to the fullest. One in particular has the purest heart, but she is so easy to prank.

Imagine NBA All-star weekend a group of us decide to go and watch the All-star game. everybody watching, eating, a few enjoying the game and the others just managing.

My friend, lewwe call she Patsy, get bored now and put some black pepper, pepper sauce and salt in a glass with a drizzle of water and start to stir it up. She then proceeds to look at me with a triumphant look and advise . . . “drink dis hey fuh $20”. Now I like any foolishness so, and told her lewwe do this!

She like she didn’t expect me to agree so she back-pedal and turn it into a $10 dare. Now everybody at the table alert and waiting to see what gine happen. I gulp it in one and it was a li’l hot so I reach for some water to wash it down.

You know the nincompoop held the glass of water away from me and told me I couldn’t have water until 5 minutes after? That time this thing taste real bad but I can’t let her see I am fazed.

It was my turn now. If she wanted to win back her money Patsy had to drink a shot of something as well. You know she was ready and actually thought she could get to mix it? I had was to let her know that it was for me to decide the grounds upon which this dare shall take place.

So I got up and eased by the bar and ordered a Screaming Wolf shot with extra tabasco sauce. It was about to go down! Screaming wolf = gold tequila + tabasco sauce + some extra goodies.

Patsy bong up

When de shot come she took mussy a good 5 minutes before she had enough courage to take it, but when it went down her oesophagus Patsy bong up, hold she belly, start to scream, hold she pooch and holler out in de people place, “I wan stool.” Look I laugh till I cry. if you doubt me, ask me.

She start to reach for a glass of water and, wuh loss, karma don’t ever forget, ’cause somebody else held the glass away from her. Tears in my eyes all now remembering.

To be honest, it was a great night and with times being unsure and stressful in this little island, we all need friends that will make us laugh.

I am Toni-Ann “Acka” Johnson. Love, peace and Mazola Corn Oil.

Toni Johnson is an actress versed in the area of comedy. Email: [email protected]