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DEAR CHRISTINE: Not all disabilities are visible


DEAR CHRISTINE: Not all disabilities are visible

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DEAR CHRISTINE, Permit me to share the following letter with you. I’d like to have your feedback on the matter.

From time to time, drivers who are not physically challenged tend to park their vehicles in parking lots reserved for persons with disabilities.

Well, I am one such person, who has the necessary paperwork to prove that I am challenged. Some of us look “fine and healthy” but we do have hidden disabilities.

I am not yet 40 and I look quite young for my age. I also appear healthy and don’t require a wheelchair or crutches. Still I suffer from chronic, intractable pain 24 hours a day.

I am unable to walk long distances.

Christine, for the sake of all of us who do not appear to be disabled but are, please ask your readers not to use the few parking spaces reserved for persons like myself and not to insult us or make rude comments because we “look healthy”.

– P.M.

Dear P.M.,

Thanks for your letter which serves as a reminder that drivers should respect the specially marked parking lots which have been designated spots for differently abled individuals.

Time and time again I have seen people drive into these parking spaces with no consideration for those who need to use them.

Maybe your letter will remind all and sundry to refrain from using these specially marked parking areas.