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DEAR CHRISTINE: Married and in love with married woman


DEAR CHRISTINE: Married and in love with married woman

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DEAR CHRISTINE, In a few weeks’ time I’ll have been married for two years and my wife and I have a little girl.

The problem is, I realise I don’t love my wife but someone else. This other woman and I got to know each other before we both got married. I liked her from the start, but I did not think that my feelings would grow as they have.

My wife has noticed that something is wrong and repeatedly tried to find out what is the matter. Well, one day I finally told her the truth and in tears she asked me not to leave her.

I need some advice as I am not certain if this girl that I love feels the same way as I do. I suspect she does but she is in the same boat as I am. She is married to someone else. I have been trying to overcome this desire I have for her and have not yet told her how much I love and want her.

Feeling as I do, I can hardly stand my wife near me and making love to her is not as easy as before. Please advise me.


Dear K,

Seeing you met this other girl before you married, you must have subconsciously weighed up your feelings for each other then, and decided on marrying your present partner instead.

I have a feeling that you are still very young, but you are not a little boy, to think only about he wants for himself, but a husband and father with responsibilities for your wife’s happiness and for that dear baby daughter you have brought into this world.

Don’t let this temptation get the better of you. Work hard at making your wife and daughter happy, and I think it is very likely that the old love will come back into your marriage and you will forget the other woman.

Remember that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I am counting on you to try.