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Green Bay Packers player in Bim

JUSTIN MARVILLE, [email protected]

Green Bay Packers player in Bim

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YET ANOTHER PRO PLAYER has made Barbados their “offseason home”.

Green Bay Packers corner Josh Hawkins is just the latest professional athlete to spend his downtime on these shores, having stayed on the South Coast for the last week. josh-hawkins

“It’s my first time and I’m loving it. The view is amazing, the hotel is amazing and they’re treating us like we’re royalty over here. Everything is amazing,” said the 24-year-old defensive back who is entering his second season.

“It’s amazing here because it’s actually snowing there [in Green Bay] right now. I believe they just had a snow blizzard from what I see on Twitter so this weather is amazing.

“I actually have family from here. My uncle Sedwin, he’s from here. My mother’s dad, he’s from here and he came over to North Carolina and that’s how he met my grandmother, my mother’s mom,” he added. (JM)

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