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Fogging Schedule March 13 to 16


Fogging Schedule March 13 to 16

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THE VECTOR CONTROL UNIT of the Ministry of Health continues its fogging exercise around the island next week aimed at reducing the Aedes aegypti mosquito population.

On Monday, March 13, a team will be in Christ Church fogging Silver Hill, Silver Hill Housing Area, Valley Ridge, Cane Vale Crescent, Gall Hill, Hillside, Cane Vale Tenantry, Butler Road, Water Street, Montrose Road, Montrose Gardens and environs.

St Thomas will be targeted on Tuesday, March 14, specifically Jackson, Browne’s Gap, Arthur Seat, Melrose, Downes Gap, Warrens Terrace, Bibby’s Lane with Avenues, Proute with Avenues and surrounding areas.

The team will be in St James on Wednesday, March 15, to spray West Terrace, Oleander Avenue, Gardenia Avenue, Alamanda Drive and West Terrace Gardens Avenues 1 to 16. They will also spray Free Hill with Avenues, Rock Road, Clarke’s Road, Connell Road, Free Hill Crescent, Black Rock, Stanmore Crescent, St Stephen’s Hill, Goddard Road, Plymouth Square, Pleasant View, University Drive and neighbouring districts in St Michael on that day.

On Thursday, March 16, areas in St George to be fogged are Eastlyn, Bulkeley Terrace, Cane Hill Road, Connell Road, Good Intent, Buttals, Brighton, Lower Brighton, First Step, Waverley Cot, Waverley Cot Development, Ellerton, Ellerton Gardens, Ellerton Park, Ellerton Housing Area, Uplands Lane, Middle Lane, Glenside Harris Road, Ellerton Heights and environs.

The exercise will be carried out from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. daily. Householders are reminded to open their doors and windows to allow the spray to enter. (BGIS)