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Sir Elliott leaving office at end of June

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

Sir Elliott leaving office at end of June

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GOVERNOR GENERAL Sir Elliott Belgrave demits office at the end of June with “great reluctance”.

Sir Elliott has been speaking of his imminent retirement for several months now, but he revealed the timeline during a visit to the island’s latest centenarian Lena Felicia Carter of Haggatt Hall, St Michael this morning.

During the usual remarks Sir Elliott told the gathering that he was getting “old” and “tired”. One of Carter’s daughters commented that he still looked young, and Sir Elliott’s jovial response was that his knees were not.

Insisting that he was retiring on his own accord, Sir Elliott said the job of Governor General was “challenging” and “stressful” and that in order to do a good job one had to “pay attention to it”. While he looks forward to retirement and cruising the world, Sir Elliott said he will miss visiting the old people and the children.

Carter was feted by her children, one of whom flew in from New York this morning for the occasion, her grandchildren, great grandchildren, sons-in-law and other well-wishers.  (YB)