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DEAR CHRISTINE: After an abortion I cannot get pregnant

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: After an abortion I cannot get pregnant

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DEAR CHRISTINE, Please give me some advice as soon as possible because I have a serious problem which I want to get over.

Two years ago I became pregnant for my boyfriend but I was still at school and we decided to have an abortion because it was my last year at school.

Now, that I’ve finished school and we’re still together, we want to have another baby. However, it seems impossible because we have done everything that can be done where sex is concerned and I still haven’t become pregnant.

We are getting worried because I feel that something is wrong and I may never have another baby. Is there some advice you can give me on how to become pregnant again?

I love my boyfriend and would really like to have his baby after five years of true and sacred love.

I am 22 and he is 25. Are we too young or is something wrong with me? He can have children as he already has an eight-year-old daughter. Please help me.

– T.L.,

Dear T.L.,

You definitely need to see a doctor or a gynaecologist if you feel so strongly about becoming pregnant.

Shouldn’t you also be thinking of preparing a home to bring that child into? Will your boyfriend be father to your child merely by an act of sex as he is to his eight-year-old daughter? In what way does he share in the little girl’s upbringing?

Bringing a child into this world is one thing. It’s another thing to nurture and raise that child in the best environment.

If you have been with your boyfriend for the past five years, don’t you think it would be much better if both of you make your relationship legal before considering the birth of a child? These are some of the things you need to have settled.

A child is a huge responsibility and you and your boyfriend need to face the reality of raising a child with proper security in place for it.